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Murano Glass & Venetian Masks is in Venice very close to S. Marco square , established in 1994. At that time we started a collaboration with the most important Murano artisans. Thank their production's experience we have the possibility to realize every artistic object on our customer’s demand
This co-operation and the creation of those new lines allowed us to grow considerably the sales up, increasing in a short time both Italian and Foreign customers, exporting successfully all over the world .
At present different collections are being produced and we continuously update our web site.

Venetian glass has always stood for elegance and tastefulness, yet few know its millenary history marked by fascinating and always modern events.
Venetian glass boasts a millenary tradition. Indeed, the first document reporting the presence of an active glasshouse in Venice dates back to more than one thousand years ago, more precisely to year 982.
In the "dark" period of the history of humanity, the Middle Ages, the Venetian art of glass-making, stemming from the Islamic and Byzantine traditions, stood out for its high-quality production.
At the turn of the fourteenth century, the most important noble families of Europe were already commissioning from the Venetian glass-making workshops outstanding glasses that can still be admired in museums.
Through few simple iron tools, glass-workers shape glass with abilities and skills that no school can ever teach. As in medieval workshops, young apprentices can only learn the techniques and art from their old masters and with the humbleness required to approach this magic world of glass-making.
The Venetian tradition has its roots in the firm will to enhance glass ductility and potential, as it can be blown and shaped in an unlimited number of ways, hence giving the craftsman the chance to give free expression to his rich imagination and originating a handiwork potential with which no other material can compare favourably.
In our century this huge historic and artistic heritage is enhanced through the production of important pieces that draw inspiration from traditional glass-making in Venice but go beyond that, adding new techniques and solutions that enable every piece to integrate perfectly in any context with a marked feeling of class and tastefulness.
Each piece, fruit of meticulous and arduous historic researches, is destined to increase in value with time and is actually a "unique" piece, as it is made exclusively by hand without the use of moulds or modern equipment.

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